July 2016 Changes at AgTech

I have just clicked over my 21st year of operating AgTech GIS and it is time for a few changes:

1. The catchy 888-590-MAPS toll free number will be cancelled this month. Most of my customers have been by-passing the 4 ring to rollover time waster and calling me direct anyway. I looked at my Bell bill and I think the only ones benefiting from the service was Bell. So after 21 years the 800 number is officially retired.

2. Also going into retirement is the web page where you could book appointments. I loved the service provided to me through www.fullslate.com. If anyone is looking for an appointment booking website, they are so easy to set up and link with your own website. I will revert to the "call me or email me" method and we will set up your personalized one to one or group staff training. I will play around with posting an online calendar so you can scope out my availability. No promises there though.

3. I will be doing more blog posts. There is a lot happening is the precision ag arena. So I have a lot to say. When have I not?

4. Access to AgTech Information Services is being modified. This arsenal of documents, manuals and other information is being shared via a dropbox link to any customer on my yearly enhanced support subscription (YESS). Customers may enroll for $120 CDN per year. The subscription year starts Sept 1, so look for more on this in the weeks to come.

5. It has been 1 year since I passed on the equipment portion of my AgLeader dealership so that I could concentrate on software sales and training and as expected the use of SMS software has blossomed. AgLeader has done a great job of enhancing the SMS Advanced suite making it even easier to upload UAV imagery and to talk with all of the industry brands of equipment. Growers consulting agronomists and service providers have made SMS the premier choice for map based data collection, storage and prescription creation. Even companies who have 'other' mapping software, choose SMS for enhanced diagnostics, tools and communication. It has become the 'must-have' utility for precision ag data users.

6. I will tweet when a blog post has been added so follow me @AgTechGIS

Karon Cowan July 25, 2016