SMS Users get Extra Access to their Data via

1. Create a list of what you want to send to AgFiniti using the SMS Device Setup Utility

​a) Select the fields you wish to send

b) Select the data layers and years you wish to send: Harvest, Planting, Prescriptions, As-Applied, Soil Test, EC Data, Analysis layers (Advanced), Imagery Data and Generic layers-those "anything goes" layers that you create to express in map form.

SMS Device Setup Configuration

2. Export to Agfiniti

​a) Choose Export to Agfiniti and select AgFiniti Map View Data

b) Select "My Account"

FYI: SMS Advanced users can send to someone elses account IF they have an AgFinti Essential license. Canadian customers"- email for more about that

3. Login to your AgFiniti Account

​a) Your AgFiniti login is the same login and PW as your SMS activation

b) Once into you can manage your account, see your maintenance expiry date and other account management tools.

c) You must be up to date on your annual support and maintenance and running the latest version of SMS.

d) Feel free to look at the End User License Agreement. This area is a private viewer for YOU. Neither AgLeader, AgLeader dealer or any thrid party has access to your data.

4. Select MAP VIEW then choose what STATS you will want to see

a) Select MAP VIEW from main Menu 

​b) All map layers have attributes such as Dry Yield, Moisture, Elevation from a Harvest layer or Seed Count, Product Name (variety) from Planting Data or pH, P, K etc from your Soil Test Data. Turn on or off all the data you want to see when you query or display a map.

5. Select a map area, or the whole field to view the STATS

​a) Choose any shape of area: the high spots, the trouble spots, a test strip or block. Stats for all layers in display will appear.

b) Any three layers at a atime will be available. Try yield, seeding and soil tests!

6. Change your map view with one click!

a) Expand your layers legend view to turn on different styles of map. Spatial is the raw data such as points, Swath will show the swath width path, Grid will show the analytical grid squares and Contour the smoothed regions

b) And yes you can change legends to regroup or colourize to display the field variability.

7. View Data from any source like soil test from any lab or sampling service. If you have imported it into SMS, it is available to send to!

​a) Select point, grid or regions style soil test data, turn labels on or off and build legends to capture your soil test viewing preferences.

b) When you are out in the field with AgFiniti your GPS enabled phone or tablet will show you your current position where you can drop a georeferenced note (see the little page icons) or take a picutre, all logged to that location.

8. If you plan your soil sampling mission in SMS to select your target sampling locations, whether grid, random or using imagery, historic yield, topography or EC data, those points can be sent out to the field with AgFiniti.

a) Navigate to the location, collect soil sample and bag it to match the soil sample ID for submission to the lab of your choice

b) Meanwhile back in SMS the soil sampling layer is ready for your lab import and then export out to AgFiniti (see step 1) so your newest fertility maps and stats are available for viewing.

9. What about Running Reports from the data? YES!

10. SMS and your AgFiniti Account allows you to DO all of the mapping and map and data maintnenance expected of a full bodied precision ag tool plus all the benefits of safe, protected data on your phone or tablet to VIEW.

Canadian customers may email for inquiries and to setup or update your account. All others contact or your local AgLeader dealer.

Karon Cowan, @AgTechGIS

Jan 2018