AgLeader Training Summer 2011

 Always learning! This summer I have attended the AgLeader Academy for the dealer training on 200 level GPS and Steering. Instructors Jordan and Seth gave us the run through on all of the newest updates to the OnTrac2 and Paradyme systems to hit the fields this year. With over 700 vehicles supported by the OnTrac2 and all the new Paradyme kits, there was a lot to cover. The focus is always hands on so the ride and drive to practice calibrating the systems was a big hit. Fortunately for all concerned I was riding, not driving. 

One of my classmates kindly offered to take the wheel and I learned a great deal having this seasoned vet take the lead as we went through each calibration scenario and the tuning options. It is like the instruction manual come to life! Cody you are a great teacher and I thank you for taking my questions at face value. I realize your offer was akin to helping the elderly cross the street. It was all I could do to resist the urge to say "well isn't this special, ooh look at the bunnies and turtles." Pictures taken in the cab don't do it justice but here are my favs:

1.Cody working through the diagnostic screens as we fine tune line acquisition:

The yellow entires in the field were pretty sedate in this snapshot. This must have been before they cranked it up and sent some dust flying. Just checking out the high speed profile I am sure.