AgTech's Introductory Blog!


This inaugural blog has been a long time in gestation. In spite of being involved with technology on a daily basis, I have resisted many of the social media links to you until recently. My reasons might reveal more phsychology than I am comfortable with, but I know I was afraid of what seemed like another commitment in an already cluttered schedule. However, some research along with the discovery of several enjoyable and inspiring blogs has helped me see this as a natural extention to my weekly communication with AgTech's customers. Today's blog will outline what I offer my readers.


My primary goal will be to use this blog to deliver timely tips and instructions for precision ag and mapping software users. I will alternate between the Farm Works (division of Trimble) and AgLeader's SMS software as well as concepts that are used in any brand to accomplish map-based information management for the agricultural marketplace. I'll talk about GPS, yield mapping, guidance, variable rate application, soil test maps, crop scouting and a host of related topics. I hope that your comments and questions will guide my choice of topics. My audience will be those who are working hard to learn new skills, master those mapping techniques and make the most out of their investment in precision ag. I hope my enthusiasm for learning will translate in these offerings; I really believe a yield map is more exciting than a video game and way easier to master!


AgTech GIS has just celebrated its 15th year serving the Canadian precision ag industry. Our business offers a number of services to a diverse client base: from individual growers to large crop input suppliers, consultants and researchers. Serving this diverse client base over that many years is the source of my knowledge and experience. Check out our main website link for products and prices, including video where we feature the hardware and software tools that we recommend to our clients. Our primary suppliers are AgLeader Technology, Farm Works and Juniper Systems and I will feature their products extensively.


I consider all the monitoring equipment, GPS receivers, steering systems and software as important means to an end; the capture and use of information by the decision makers. They are just tools to build the main event: a meaningful set of data to best manage agricultural resources; the land, the inputs, the machinery, the manpower and the agronomy. In my mind precision ag starts and ends in the office, not the tractor cab. It is important to have good equipment, so we can collect good data. Then the fun begins.

Karon Cowan