First Ever Veg Tech Show Norfolk County

When I dropped off some of our display materials last weekend in preparation for the first ever Veg Tech Show Sept 1,2 and 3 2011 I was impressed with the site! The organizers have pulled out all stops to make both the hort/veg industry visitor, the consumer visitor and the exhibitors most welcome. More than anything I was impressed anew with the beauty of the area. Now that I have made the trek from Oxford County to Norfolk County several times throughout setup and now the show I have been treated to the following wonders:

The morning of Sept 1st I was welcomed by a big crimson sun slipping up through purple clouds peeking over the large stands of forest that punctuate the landscape. Each of these densely treed areas has a Hanzel and Gretel feel of cool dark green with impossibly straight trunks of impossibly tall trees both intriguing and mysterious. Driving home I could feel the sigh of the farmland as it let up its daytime heat into the cooling evening.

The Sept 2 morning drive was fog enshrouded but the clouds of goldenrod in every ditch were lowing under the weight of the dew leaning out into the road like signposts and more than one silo top was peeking up as an ethereal half moon rising. What has this to do with precision ag or even the Veg Tech Farm Show? Well probably nothing, other than a reaffirmation that it is worthwhile coming together to promote and explain our sector of the business in the context of the beauty of this part of Ontario. The crowds of anticipated visitors may not have joined us in the numbers needed but those of us here can will take a few golden moments back home with us. Good conversations, good summer-end weather and good intentions.

Karon Cowan