SMS: Creating a Simple Variable Rate Map


First ensure you have a product ready to assign to this application map (Tools/Management Item Eitor/Products)


Creating a User Defined Application Prescription Map

1.   Move your source map into the large map window


3.   You will be presented with your source layer (reference layer), confirm this is what you want and click next.


4.   Define the operation you are making: such as Fertilizing Prescription DRY (or liquid)/ Target RATE MASS is chosen for DRY, Target RATE VOLUME for liquid and the out put units lbs/ac or gal/ac of product

5.   The next screen asks you to define the different rate levels. For this example there are 6 zones, each with a different rate, so 6 levels are created and the rates are typed in. Number of decimals used and colours may be assigned (not important).



6.  If these are levels I will use again and again, I could save this legend as “6 StandardPotash Rates by 50 lbs” to be used in another scenario. Select NEXT.

7.  The “matching” window allows each prescription rate to be associated with a region. First select the rate from the first box, then the regions value from the next. The associated rate/regions will be listed in the right hand box.




8. Select finish and a new Prescription edit window will appear. Using the editing tools, regions can be merged or ates changed. Select Save and the familiar management tree window will appear. Be sure to select correct farm/field/year and PRODUCT from the list presented or add new.


9.In the illustration below:program shows our original (generic) layer and our new Fertilizing Prescription. This is the view we can export or print.


10.Since product (Potash) was selected, SMS has assigned data columns for the Product MASS in lbs of product per acre (our selected rates) and has added columns that are displaying our Target Rate actual K. To Export: we will only export the Target Rate MASS, regardless of the controller.



11.To Export to shapefile: Select the fertlizing prescription from the management tree, right click and select shapefile export. Copy this exported file to appropriate USB stick or memory card for applicator.