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1. Basic Print Customization for SMS

One of the most powerful features of Ag Leader SMS software is the ability to customize your print styles. This video highlights the basic tools to modify a print style and save the layout style for future use.

This video is formatted for full screen view.

Tags: AgLeader SMS Software, Mapping Concepts
2. SMS: Creating a Simple Variable Rate Map

1.   SMS offers a very simple and dynamic way to assign application values to a region.

2.   Your map will be created in units of PRODUCT per acre

3.    This example assumes we have either mapped or drawn regions. These regions are polygons.

Tags: AgLeader SMS Software, Mapping Concepts, VR Maps
3. Yield Mapping Part 3:Big and Little Fixes After the Yield Maps are In

I don't know of a single yield mapping customer who has not had a "D'OH" moment, when reviewing yield data, only to see a duplicated field name, yield data which shows up in the wrong field and other disappointments. The more of these wrongly assigned bits of data, the greater the frustration of the software user. Many have simply thrown up their hands in surrender, blamed the brand or abandoned the exercise in confusion. My general reaction to these problems is to say "No big deal..."

Tags: AgLeader SMS Software
4. Yield Mapping Part 2: What do I do first?

So you have downloaded some yield data. Now what? I recommend every user become familiar with the following basic functions. 1. Learn to bring data in and out of the main map window. 2. Look at the summary details as well as the map. 3. Change the legend to 'see' the data in different ways. 4. Learn to change from point view to region views.

Tags: AgLeader SMS Software
5. Yield Mapping Part 1: Any Yield Map is Better than No Yield Map

Anyone who said you can't learn anything from one year's yield maps should be taken out behind the barn and slapped! HARD.

Tags: AgLeader SMS Software
6. Boundary Maps for Data Organization in SMS

This blog continues the discussion about data organization using the AgLeader's SMS Basic or Advanced software. To review: I think the best designed software programs have 4 primary attributes in common: 1. They offer a logically organized framework. 2. They offer a comprehensive set of tools to fine tune your data. 3. They are flexible and do not limit what you can bring into it or create with it. 4. They are efficient to operate.

Tags: AgLeader SMS Software
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