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1. Basic Print Customization for SMS

One of the most powerful features of Ag Leader SMS software is the ability to customize your print styles. This video highlights the basic tools to modify a print style and save the layout style for future use.

This video is formatted for full screen view.

Tags: AgLeader SMS Software, Mapping Concepts
2. SMS: Creating a Simple Variable Rate Map

1.   SMS offers a very simple and dynamic way to assign application values to a region.

2.   Your map will be created in units of PRODUCT per acre

3.    This example assumes we have either mapped or drawn regions. These regions are polygons.

Tags: AgLeader SMS Software, Mapping Concepts, VR Maps
3. Calculating Line Length in Farm Works

Size does indeed matter! Geographically speaking that is one of the main functions of an agricultural GIS; to calculate how much! How many acres and what is the distance from point A to point B? While there are excellent draw to measure tools in Farm Works where you can draw a line or region and see the size displayed in the lower right corner as you go, if you have declared the measurement system to be imperial (so area is in acres) you will be stuck with feet for the distance measurement. So how do you calculate in metric too?

Tags: Farm Works Software, Mapping Concepts
4. Boundary Maps For Data Organization in Farm Works

This blog begins the discussion about Farm Works data organization using the TRAC (record keeping), SITE (mapping) and PRO (analysis) modules. This combo is the central mapping program that I will just call Farm Works in this blog, being the most common set operated by my clients. I think the best designed software programs have 4 primary attributes in common:

Tags: Farm Works Software, Mapping Concepts
5. What is the best precision Ag Software?

The big question If you operate a 2000 acre cash crop operation and you have a guidance system and yield monitor, what is the best mapping (GIS) software for you? If you are a crop consultant with an assortment of customers with different types of operations, what is the best mapping software for you? In both cases my answer is the same: whatever you will actually use! There is no one size fits all, magic bullet or one click button for any solution. All of the software on the market has some similar features, some pros and cons, a streamlined function and some higher end tools. No two operators are going to need the same things out of it, or experience the same success with it. So how do you know you have the right one or how to buy the right one?

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6. AgTech's Introductory Blog!


This inaugural blog has been a long time in gestation. In spite of being involved with technology on a daily basis, I have resisted many of the social media links to you until recently. My reasons might reveal more phsychology than I am comfortable with, but I know I was afraid of what seemed like another commitment in an already cluttered schedule. However, some research along with the discovery of several enjoyable and inspiring blogs has helped me see this as a natural extention to my weekly communication with AgTech's customers. Today's blog will outline what I offer my readers.

Tags: Mapping Concepts
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