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The first 20 years of precision ag has been a fast paced adventure in learning. From the first yield monitors to using georeferenced soil sampling data through increasingly accurate GPS positioning; a host of technology has unfolded. And there are many more on the horizon.

The biggest trend to watch is the hosted solutions now available in the marketplace. This option is where a user's data is uploaded to a cloud or offsite software and maps and information are served back to the user via an internet portal, an integrated app or a desktop software. While this type of service is gaining traction I am of the opinion that users should have their hands on their own data as much as possible in any form so both desktop software, tablet or smartphone apps and online services should be examined to get the bet out of today's technology.

I predict 2014-15 as the next watershed or tipping point for the tools we have to spatially manage agricultural data. This Blog section is going to explore the software, web services and apps that are out in the marketplace. I am going to run them, compare them and hopefully provide an insight into their appropriateness for prospective users.

I am often asked "which is the best (ag mapping) software?" and my answer is always "One you will actually use". So I will offer my opinions and feature some of the coolest tricks of the trade. If you are an ag software vendor and wish me to ensure your product is on the bench, drop an email  to


Karon Cowan

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